Arawak Workers' Party
Partita dei Lavoratorio Arawak (American Latin)
Flag South Arawak (2000 - 2004)

Flag of the AWP from 1998 to present, and of South Arawak from 2000 to 2004.

General Secretary

Raúl Milano


Raúl Milano


Libertà, Lavora, Paes


1998 (as Labour League of Arawak)

Preceded by

Labour League of Amazonia Minor


Malon, South Arawak


Crónaco Lavoratorio

Student wing

Young Workers of the Republic

Youth wing

Little Workers of Arawak


Democratic socialism


South Arawak


     Red,      Yellow


March of the Labourers

Arawak National People's Assembly

623 / 721

Arawak Federal Diet

2 / 854

The Arawak Workers' Party is a semi-communist-aligned political party in South Arawak. It is the majority party in the Arawak National People's Assembly, holding 623 of the 721 available seats, the others being taken by members of the Arawak Democratic League, the Coalition for the People's Freedoms and the South Arawak Alliance, which are all required to recognise the AWP's role of leadership to exist. The AWP also has a branch in the Republic of Arawak, though it is only a minority party and holds only two seats in Arawak's Federal Diet.

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