Several business types are commonly used throughout the Roman Empire. In law, these are referred to as Business Entities.

Azienda (Azi.)Edit

English language equivalent - Co.

Azienda, or Companies, are privatised organisations operating within the Empire. They have legal status as a private venture and are permitted to have legal representatives and are required to follow the Imperial Laws of Enterprise.

Società di proprietà del governo imperiale (Pgi.)Edit

English language equivalent - None

Società di proprietà del governo imperiale, or Imperial Government Companies, are corporations which are wholly owned by the Roman government.

Società a responsabilità limitata (Rpb, Lta.)Edit

English language equivalent - Pty, Ltd.; Pte, Ltd; LLC

Società a responsabilità limitata, or Limited Liability Companies, are flexible enterprises that blend elements of Partnership and Corporate enterprises. Though they are not Corporations, they are legally recognised Companies and are required to follow the Imperial Laws of Enterprise and also need to obtain an Imperial License of Enterprise.

Società limitata (Lta.)Edit

English language equivalent - Ltd.

Società limitata, or Limited Companies, are public companies which are most commonly owned through shares held by members of the general public.

Incorporare (Inc.)Edit

English language equivalent - Inc.

Incorporare, or Incorporated, is a term applied to a company that has formed through incorporation.

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