Greek Mega Weapon 69 Helepolis (Greek: ἑλέπολις, Latin: Moriendum urbium) was a modernized version of the ancient Helepolis siege engine used by the Antigonid dynasty to siege Rhodes, built in 2013.

The Helepolis was equipped with various MG turrets, a cattle-catcher to clear obstacles out of the way, and a retractable ring of drills with a ram in the center to drill through walls and smash the rubble out of the way. The Helepolis was also equipped with a thick dome atop it, which could open to reveal a large lazer.

The Helepolis was the weapon the New Greek Empire would supposedly use to destroy the Nexus, as it's anti-missile defenses would protect it from bombing or long-range missiles, though they never intended to actually use it.

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