General Secretary of the Senado Nacionale
Flag Selknam-Yaghan GS
The Secretarial Flag
José Jualpados
Incumbent since 23rd July 2013


Lo Honorable - The Honourable (official)
Majisto/Majista Secretario - Mr/Mrs Secretary (informal)
Excellentissimum/Excellentissima - His/Her Excellency (international)




Senado Nacionale

Inaugural holder

Juan-Georgio Cephalos


Deputy Secretary

The General Secretary of the National Senate (American Latin: Secretario/Secretaria Generale do lo Senado Nacionale) is the head of state and government of Selknam-Yaghan. He/she is elected by the Senado Nacionale and furthermore presides over the entire Senate.


Senators in Selknam-Yaghan are directly elected by the people every four years. Upon the election of every Senate, the Senators elect from their own ranks the General Secretary that will preside over them throughout their term.

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