Hidronis Grand Monarchy
Regnum Grandis Hydronium (Latin)
Client state of the Roman Empire
Flag Hydronia

Flag Roman Empire.png


Hydronia (Egypt)


1,502,523 km2







Absolute monarchy


First: Hidroni I
Last: Hidroni XX

Official language

Hydronian (Egyptian)

Recognised regional languages


State religion/s

Egyptian religion







Homo sapiens

The Hidronis Grand Monarchy was a client state of the Roman Empire that existed between [date here] to 1912. It was created from the Aegyptus province of the Roman Empire and placed under the control of Hidroni I, who became the Pharaoh of Egypt. In [date here], Hidronis reorganised the Egyptian Kingdom into the Hidronis Grand Monarchy, after himself, renaming the area of the HGM itself Hydronia.

In 1900, Rome and Hydronia declared war on Greece, who soon began attacking Hydronia in an attempt to annex the country. The Xanjin Technologist Imperium stepped in to assist the HGM, however, after twelve years of war, Greece captured the Hydronian capital of Alexandria and executed the Pharaoh, Hidroni XX. The Hydronians surrendered to Greek control, and the Romans and Xanj was forced to withdraw from Hydronia. The Hidronis Grand Monarchy was dissolved in late 1912 and it's territory, including The Nexus, was absorbed into the New Greek Empire.

Before control of the region was officially handed over from the Hydronian to Greek governments, many Hydronian citizens, especially government officials, fled for neighboring countries such as Rome, Xanjon and Sassanid Persia. Greece demanded these countries to deport the refugees to Greece, but Rome, Darian Perisa and Xanjon refused to turn them over to Greek authorities, stating that the refugees had "legitimate reasons for asylum [in the Empire and Imperium]." The Sassanid Persians initially considered complying to the Greek demands, but was pressured by Rome and Xanjon to refuse as well (Though several dozen Hydronians were kidnapped and handed over to Greece for money in 1913 by an unknown group).

While a peace treaty was signed by Greece, Rome, Darian Persia, and Xanjon, it never required that the Hydronian government was to be disestablished, only that the war was to come to a close and that Hydronia was to be acknowledged as Greek territory. Rome and Xanjon have used this as a loophole to claim Hydronia's territorial integrity. In 1914, a government-in-exile consisting of a Hydronian Interim Governing Council was established in Rome to oversee the "business of the Hydronian government and to protect the interests of the Hydronian people.", though only Rome, Xanjon, and Darian Persia recognize Hydronia as an intact nation.

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