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This is the archives page for Infinite Histories' news. For the most recent news, see this page.


  • 14th May
    • The wiki is founded after several days of planning. Good job!
  • 15th May
    • Well done! We've reached 10 pages!
  • 16th May
    • Good job everyone! We now have 20 pages in our database!
  • 17th May
    • Excellent work! We now have 30 pages in our database!
  • 19th May
    • We now have 40 pages in our database!
  • 21st May
    • We now have 50 pages in our database!
  • 23rd May
    • We now have 60 pages in our database!
  • 26th May
    • We are running our first monthly award competition round for May 2013! Head over to this page to vote or nominate!
  • 27th May
    • Time is running out for voting! Vote or nominate now before the month turns!
  • 29th May
    • Today is the 560th anniversary of the fall of the Byzantine Empire!
    • We now have 70 pages in our database!
  • 1st June
  • 4th June
    • The wiki reaches 80 pages! Keep going! We've nearly reached 100!
  • 5th June
    • We've reached 90 pages! Nearly there!!!
  • 12th June
    • 100 PAGES!!! Congratulations, everybody!
  • 12th August
    • As of today, our new feature policy will be implemented. Only admins will be able to decide in respect of which articles get featured. This is so only the best articles on Infinite Histories will become featured.
  • 19th August
  • 22nd August
    • Infinite Histories is now 100 days old! Check out our party game here!
  • 9 December
    • Just a trivial note that the 11 December 2013 is the last consecutive date of this century (If considered in terms of DD-MM-YY [11/12/13])!


  • 12 March
    • Galactic Crucibles is celebrating its second birthday tomorrow! Make sure you visit GC on the 13th!
  • 14 May
    • Happy birthday Infinite Histories!
  • 4 July

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