InterVersal Control is an organisation endorsed by the Technology Distribution Co-operative in the Aeolipile World charged with regulating travel throughout the multiverse, as well as exploring new verses and maintaining diplomatic relations between multiverse transfer-capable civilizations.

InterVersal Control





950 years


76 universes

Foreign relations

Neutral; determined by IVC Charter



IVCHQ, Basra, Aeolipile World




IVC Board

Founding document

IVC Charter


IVC Charter

State religion/s










87,765 employees





Logo of Technology Distribution Co-operative

Technology Distribution Co-operativeEdit

IVC was founded by the Technology Distribution Co-operative, a highly influential organisation in the Muslim Caliphate of the Aeolipile World. The TDC advocates access to advanced technologies for as many members of the population as possible; this involves simple, cheap, stripped down technology that is easy to dismantle and repair (helped by access to universal replaceable parts), as well as access to open-source instructions for building a variety of systems from nanoassembers to biodigesters using everyday materials, tools and skills.

Multiverse TransferEdit

InterVersal Control was established less than a year after the development of multiverse travel by SXMRQ (Neuromorphic Mother Artificial Intelligence, YunquiTech, Song China) in 1053CE. Naturally, IVC therefore originally used the complex Leshan-type multiverse transfer system. The Leshan-type system is unpredictable and had a high failure rate; this meant that multiverse travel was limited to exploration with many risks, often reminiscent of the early voyages of discovery to other continents.

This began to change with the development of the Miller-type system; cheaper, simpler and much safer than the Leshan-type system. The Miller-type system saw the real explosion of multiverse travel for the average person, with the first versadromes ('multiverse airports') allowing for everyday multiverse travel, as well as the start of true diplomatic realtions between verses. This era is often crudely comapared with the age of commercial sea travel, before the introduction of commercial flight.

Today, IVC uses the Shinkai-type system (though the Miller-type system is predominant in most universes); by far the most advanced multiverse transfer system, as well as the most versatile. The characteristic piece of equipment of the modern IVC agent is the Shinkai Module. The Shinkai Module is a heavily armoured aluminium cyliner with the appearance of an oxygen tank, which is worn on the back; the bottom of the tank is a sphere, within which the nanotechnology for the facilitation of multiverse travel is kept; a chirped pulse laser runs up to the top of the tank, providing the necessary power densities for multiverse transfer; then the laser is surrounded by some form of energy storage mechanism. This mechanism has taken the form of superconducting batteries, nanotechnology batteries, quantum batteries, fission power plants and fusion power plants over the years, as the system has become more advanced.


InterVersal Control was originally founded as the InterVersal Exploration and Research Organization (IVERO) by the Muslim Caliphate in order to investigate the newly discovered multiverse.

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