Roman South Africa
South Africa Romanum

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1,221,037 km2



Foreign relations

Alliance with Orange Roman State and Roman Rhodesia



Minority-rule Republic






South Africa

Roman South Africa was a self-governing constituent country of the Roman Empire located in southern Africa, it was created by Rome to govern the area so that it wouldn't have to deal with potential Greek invasion of the region, much like Zambeziland and the Orange Roman State. It implemented apartheid policies leading to constant conflict with the segregated native[1] population, and like South Africa it refused multiple times to change these policies at Roman request, arguing the change would be to rapid and the segregated population needed to be educated first. Rome intervened in the countries and destroyed them, establishing Bantu to represent all peoples of Africa equally.

Roman South Africa was established in 1910 as a Roman affiliate state, and for a time it followed Roman rule and fought against Greece on several occasions. The country gradually changed in political climate and non-whites were barred from voting in 1961.

Rome dclared war on the country in 1965, and began funding Bantu militias within the country; Rome finally invaded in 1978, facing fierce resistance from the South African defense forces but being aided by guerilla fighters. Roman South Africa's policies alienated it from both potential allies (IE: New Greece) and it's fellow colonial states (Zambeziland and Free Nyasaland) and it was destroyed in 1981, a year after it's only true ally, the Orange Roman State.


  1. The Bantu people are not indigenous to South Africa

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