South Mediterranean Union
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690 years (since foundation)








Roman Sestertius

The South Mediterranean Union was a loose confederation of cities located along the northern coast of Africa. The Union claimed Roman territories that extended across the northern coast of Africa, along with the member cities of the Union. The Union was formed during the Greek War of Independence, during which multiple Roman provinces declared independence from the Empire in 1327, which was focused on fighting the Greeks. The members of the South Mediterranean Union were some of these.

After the end of the war, the Roman Empire began a campaign of reoccupation of its lost territories, beginning with pressuring the Union's neighbours into embargoing trade to the South Mediterranean. As a result, the Union suffered from complete economic collapse, and the failure of the country.

The nation's collapse was followed by control of the cities by several anti-Roman sects and groups. In 1452, the cities of the former South Mediterranean Union were invaded and occupied by Greek forces and were incorporated into the New Greek Empire. It remains Greek territory to this day.

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