This is the timeline of the No-Nintendo World.


  • 1633 AD
    • Japan creates laws that ban playing cards to deter illegal gambling.
  • 1889 AD
    • Fusajiro Yamauchi's new playing cards are denied by the Japanese government. He moves on to a different line of work, and Nintendo is never founded.
  • 1947 AD
    • The cathode ray tube amusement device is created.
  • 1951 AD
    • Sega Corporation is founded.
  • 1971 AD
    • The first games part of mainframe computers are developed.
  • 1972 AD
    • The Magnavox Oddysey is released.
  • 1973 AD
    • TSR, Inc. is founded.
  • 1977 AD
    • Video game crash of 1977. Pong consoles become obsolete, although Atari and Magnavox remain in the market.
    • The Atari 2600 is released.
  • 1978 AD
    • The golden age of arcade games begins with the release of Space Invaders.
  • 1980 AD
    • The Intellivision is created.
  • 1982 AD
    • The Colecovision is released.
  • 1982 AD
    • Enix Corporation is founded.
  • 1983 AD
    • Video game crash of 1983.
    • Square Inc. is founded.
  • 1985 AD
    • In our timeline, Nintendo would have released the Nintendo Entertainment System along with Super Mario Bros. As Nintendo was never founded, video games begun to see a decline.
    • The entertainment industry begins to gravitate more towards board games.
  • 1995 AD
    • TSR Inc. creates a new version of Dungeons and Dragons to integrate with an 8-bit system called the TSR.
    • Popular culture gravitates towards role-playing games.
  • 2000 AD
    • The TSR-2 is released. It is a 16-bit system that utilizes Internet capabilities.

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