This is the timeline of Tribalverse-0001. Historical records have only been kept for about 3,000 years.

Creation AgeEdit

The creation age is a time when the Amazon Empire believed that the sky gods created the earth. They do not have an exact date for this event, so they regard it as unknowable. All what existed was the cosmos.

Age of BeastsEdit

This was the age before man. During the Age of Beasts, it was known that dragons ruled the earth. Eventually, these dragons became extinct, and only a few of their descendants remain.

Age of Early ManEdit

This was the age when man first appeared alongside the Miasma.

First AgeEdit

The First Age was the time before the Amazon Empire built their civilization, but settlers had gathered in South America after crossing from the Bering Strait.

Second AgeEdit

The Second Age begins when tribes begin constructing enclosures to isolate herds of animals - a primitive, yet effective way to solve the problem of the Miasma.

  • Amazon Empire is founded.
  • Andes Confederacy is founded.

Third AgeEdit

The Third Age is the current age, roughly equivalent to 5,000 BC.

  • Amazon Empire discovers gold panning, becoming one of the wealthiest states in the world.
  • The Siren Tribe arrives from across the Atlantic.
  • The Parrot Clan migrates northward to the Amazon Empire's northern border.

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