United Alcheringa Tribes
Aboriginal flag

Flag of Alcheringi


Australasia, Romanum universes


>23,500 years


7,683,062 km²



Foreign relations

Peaceful relations with the Roman Empire



Alcheringa City


Augustan confederal constitutional republic


Congress of Chiefs


Declaration of the Union

Supreme Boodier

Njoolanyar Kanal

Chief Minister

Apari Ngoolanya

State religion/s

Dreaming religion


Alcheringan; Australasian



35,962,519 (2013 estimate)


None (Roman Sestertius used for international trade; bartering used internally)


Homo sapiens

The United Alcheringa Tribes, informally known as Alcheringi, is a confederation of the people that are known as the Aboriginal Australians in the real world. The UAT stretches across 7,683,062 square kilometres and occupies most of the Australian mainland. Its head of state and government is the Chief Minister, who is elected by the Congress of Chiefs.


Unlike other cultures in the Romanum 01 universe, the Alcheringans are not reliant on permanent settlements for survival. Rather, they have adopted a nomadic rotational cycle where individual Tribes move around the coastal regions of the continent, surviving through hunting, gathering and imported supplies. Thus, they maintain their traditional culture without compromising their standing as a civilised member of the world.

However, several cities in Alcheringi exist, mostly existent for strategic, symbolic and/or political reasons. One notable example for this is the capital of the country, Alcheringa City, which was built around the religiously important landmark of Uluru in the centre of the continent. Other permanent settlements are present at several locations along the coast, usually ports to allow the importation and exportation of goods. Several airports have also been built in these settlements, though they remain rather small.

Political systemEdit

The Alcheringan government, since its first contact with the Roman Empire, had adopted an Augustan system of government, where a government was elected to power, and the legislature would elect a head of state, in this case, the Supreme Boodier. The head of state and leader of the government, the Chief Minister both share the role of head of government.

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