United Empires of Central America
Flag UECA.svg



Central America


28 years (1980)






The United Empires of Central America was a collection of five sovereign Empires located in Central America which had united into one nation.

The five empires were all filled with riots and protests as a result of large amounts of disapproval of Constantine XXII. The five countries were all eventually given independence from Rome, but had all become the target of piracy and organized crime as a result of the Roman Military pulling out.

As a result of the dangers, the five emperors all united their military power to destroy the main hideouts of the pirates.

However, in 2005, the empires suffered an internal conflict. Two of the empires fell in 2007, having been occupied by the largest state. Shortly after the Roman Empire offered to reintegrate the two remaining Empires, pulling them out of the war. Because the Empire was now technically at war with the remaining nation, it offered to make peace with it in return for a trade agreement. The last state agreed - it later became the modern Central American Empire. While one of the emperors was imprisoned, the other fled to Nunavut, an enemy of Rome, along with a large amount of refugees.

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