So, I had an idea for a new universe, and felt like writing it down somewhere, as well as see if there's any interest in the idea ATM. The universe doesn't have a name yet, but it will soon, hopefully.

The basic premise is this:

In 2012 a terrorist organization destroyed several nuclear weapons and assassinated major leaders in the U.S., Russia, China, and the UK. Soon, war broke out between the countries, and most cities in North America, Europe, and Asia were bombed and destroyed. The war ravaged the entire planet until most major powers collapsed.

Several decades later, there are 4 main powers fighting for control:

  • A matriarchal society in which only females are allowed to become high-ranking military or political classes. Based Primarily in central europe.
  • A hive-like group of survivors, who have become eusocial, with castes of soldiers, workers, and drivers, run by high-ranking members who hoard their resources and weapondry. Based primarily in the far northern reaches of Eurasia.
  • A group of survivors primarily from various militaries, and still consider themselves of high authority despire the govermental collapses. Primarily based in the northern U.S and southern Canada, but have enough supplies from the military to travel oversees to europe, where they have several colonies.
  • The terrorist organization that caused the war, they continue to sabotage any factions that may one day re-establish a government other than their own. They do not have a single area of primary operations, but instead are spread over most of the world.

(Those are just the major factions I've made so far, more can be added.)

So the main story arc pertaining to this world would revolve around various characters from differant factions attempting to destroy the terrorists, as well as the other 3 factions, and some various other enemies, as well as simply trying not to starve or die of thirst.

As always, comments are appreciated, both those stating whether you'd be interested in working on the universe some time in the near future, and those giving any naming ideas.

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