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  • Mr.Robbo

    Before I start, I should probably apologise for not being very active recently, especially in Infinite Histories. Much of my spare time recently has been occupied by the horrendously boring task of learning to drive. However, I'm hoping to be able to devote more of my time to the wiki again.

    While browsing the wiki, it struck me how many pages there are that have been created and then left and forgotten about (many of which are actually mine - whoops); I don't really have any problem with this because I think it's great that people are coming up with so many ideas, whether they're successful or not, but I do get the feeling that they're cluttering up the wiki quite a lot.

    Though this isn't a very scientific test, I tried clicking the 'Random…

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  • Mr.Robbo

    Ascension Universes

    March 18, 2014 by Mr.Robbo

    This post covers a number of subjects, not just Ascension universes.

    When we first established the wiki over 300 days ago, we set out an overview of the purpose of the wiki (an alternate history wiki), and decided on rules to make sure this purpose is met; the focus will be Earth, and there will be no spreading beyond; universes will be alternate histories - 'what if?' scenarios. As the wiki developed, I gradually realised that the wiki was moving away from these original ideas; in some places, historical, economic, and even scientific accuracy began to be breached. A first I played along, but I still wasn't sure.

    So I decided to leave the wiki for I while to see how it develops (giving away the IVC group of pages, which were quite active); …

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  • Mr.Robbo

    Multiverse Time!

    July 30, 2013 by Mr.Robbo

    Greetings, all!

    To bring a new angle to the wiki, we want to encourage the idea of different worlds interacting (credit to Oblivion26) via multiverse transfer technology. Not all universes need to be included in this, but the idea should definitely make for some interesting stories and settings!

    For examples, check out the Multiverse category. If you want to know more about the science, technology and philosophy of multiverse transfer, check out Multiverse Transfer.

    Currently, anything to do with the multiverse is Fantastical. Whether we should make an exception for multiverse travel (such as with FTL in GC) is still to be discussed, though it looks like we can make an exception, so don't be changing any pages to Fantastical just yet!

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  • Mr.Robbo

    Kannin City Centre

    July 22, 2013 by Mr.Robbo

    Draft description of Kannin Central Administrative District (Woo! Internet cafe!).

    Kannin Central Administrative District was a monument to the National Control that constructed it. It was less of a district and more of a building (conforming with the latest trend in Persian architecture - that of the arcology - ultimately constructing a whole city that comprises of a single building). This building was a square comprising of four blocks, surrounded by a plaza of twelve more blocks (Xetra noted the various defensive advantages of the structures in this plaza).

    The CAD itself was modular, angular and metallic, just like the huge skyscrapers that were dotted across the Kannin skyline, but twice as large, reaching a height of 1676 metres. Xetra…

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  • Mr.Robbo

    Greetings, all!

    I have come up with yet another three-way categorisation system to wow and amaze you!

    I've noticed that this wiki has a lot of tandem histories and realised that this could lead to a problem. Namely, people could mistakenly edit an article that is actually part of a history by a single user, who would rather create a history on their own; people who want to make a tandem or 'public domain' article may also have problems getting other users to edit the articles.

    Below is the categorisation system that I have devised to solve this problem.

    Articles in this category are part of a history being made by a single user and should not be edited without that user's permission.

    Articles in this category are part of a history made by a mul…

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