Greetings all!

A few days ago Avetzan1 asked me whether he could make a history that involved magic. I was unsure, as I usually prefer histories that are made to be historically and scientifically accurate, so that they could have happened in real life. I thought about this, and decided I wanted Infinite Histories to be more 'open' than GC, where scientific accuracy is becoming increasingly important (not that it's a bad thing; I myself prefer hard sci-fi).

I have therefore created these three categories:

Each category page has a description of the types of universe the respective category is for, and I think these three categories will be able to encompass just about all of the universes planned for infinite histories. When you create a history, please place it in one of these categories and provide a link on the category page.

If you are unsure what category a history falls into, or disagree with the category someone else has put a history into, start a discussion about the page to get other people's views.

Personally, I will probably try to make mainly Divergent (and perhaps some Embellished) histories, but who knows what could arise from the endless possibilities of the infinite histories?

I would appreciate it if you left comment to give your opinion about this.

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