Draft description of Kannin from the air.

From the air Kannin was a very regular city, the wide streets made the grid system clearly visible. It was almost remarkable how big the city blocks were, though; the biggest in the world, he had heard someone remark. Big enough, in fact, for each block to have a central courtyard - outdoor atria, they called them - surrounded by those boxy, metallic, modular apartment blocks. The apartments weren't exactly high-rise, but this fact just made the immense, wide skyscrapers dotted here and there seem all the more massive. Cities in the sky, they called them! Home to thousands of people, with offices, schools and hospitals!

Though he didn't think much of their drab, metallic, boxy designs, Orselius couldn't help but admire the Sassanid-Persian efficiency. They had even attempted to tame nature itself, with much of the River Indus, around which the city was built, lined with stone quays.

Then something caught his eye. Something out of place. Disorder. Some of the blocks were empty, with construction taking place, while others had brimming slums. Orselius was familiar with the Sassanid Persian Empire because he had lived for several years there (they paid for his higher education for moving there). He remembered the offers they had made for him to stay; his own laboratory, big research grants, a chance to become a professor at any Persian academic institution he chose. Alas, unlike many others, his ambition was matched only by his sense of duty to Rome.

As for the slums, the whole crisis in Kannin, he knew it meant there was something drastically wrong. These Persians had public healthcare, public education, public housing, public media, public transport; inefficiencies were checked and triple checked, their supply lines were backed up a thousand times over. Their anti-terrorism and counter-espionage measures were almost ruthlessly infallible. The place should run like a pocket watch, and yet, this.

There was much more to this than a series if terrorist attacks. This was something going wrong deep within the Persian administration.

The plane touched down in the aerodrome. How many New Greeks were there in the Persian National Control? Six?

Chop and change as you see fit.

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