Draft description of Kannin Central Administrative District (Woo! Internet cafe!).

Kannin Central Administrative District was a monument to the National Control that constructed it. It was less of a district and more of a building (conforming with the latest trend in Persian architecture - that of the arcology - ultimately constructing a whole city that comprises of a single building). This building was a square comprising of four blocks, surrounded by a plaza of twelve more blocks (Xetra noted the various defensive advantages of the structures in this plaza).

The CAD itself was modular, angular and metallic, just like the huge skyscrapers that were dotted across the Kannin skyline, but twice as large, reaching a height of 1676 metres. Xetra also suspected that the CAD reached at least as far under the ground; this was confirmed when they entered through one of the four large entrances into the central atrium; the bowels of the building towered up above them, while they saw a mirror image of the structure drop down below them, beneath a glass floor.

Interior balconies, the central atrium itself, in fact, bustled with the various dark-suited civil servants that were the cogs of the great, complex machine that was Kannin Area Board and, indeed, National Control as a whole. There must have been thousands of people working in here, but, despite the crowding, the people seemed to flow around Xetra as if she was surrounded by an invisible aura; a rock of defiance in the rapids of bureaucracy.

Chop and change as you see fit.

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