Greetings, all!

I have come up with yet another three-way categorisation system to wow and amaze you!

I've noticed that this wiki has a lot of tandem histories and realised that this could lead to a problem. Namely, people could mistakenly edit an article that is actually part of a history by a single user, who would rather create a history on their own; people who want to make a tandem or 'public domain' article may also have problems getting other users to edit the articles.

Below is the categorisation system that I have devised to solve this problem.


Articles in this category are part of a history being made by a single user and should not be edited without that user's permission.


Articles in this category are part of a history made by a multitude of users, and you should get the low-down from one of these users before you begin editing.


Articles in this category do not belong to a single user or group of users. They are part of a community project that accepts contributions from all. Just make sure you know whether the history is Divergent, Embellished or Fantastical before you begin!

Hopefully this new system will give more opportunities to contribute and make the wiki grow a bit less sluggishly!

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