WikiBuilder will be working on a "huge Minecraft project" for the next few weeks, in his absence Pschycron and myself will be the "Acting Head Co-Admins." In his absence he wants us to:

  • Take care of Infinite Histories
  • Make a blog post on this
  • Take out the trash
  • Throw a party (if required)

That was what he told me, anyway. I'll be in charge of taking out any rubbish (is that taking outside or taking out with a sniper?), while Majoras is in charge of throwing any parties.

If you're wondering what exactly WikiBuilder is up to, he also left this link:

The secret message left to him by the ASIS is in morse code on the pixel with co-ordinates 42 across, 42 down, so it looks like he'll be occupied for quite a few weeks (who knew the cranial size of squirrels had increased so alarmingly over the past few decades!?). Luckily, WikiBuilder will drop in every now and again to make sure we haven't left any pizza boxes under the sofa.

The last I saw of WikiBuilder was when he said "Bye now," before clicking his fingers and disappearing in a whiff of smoke (it's true, I don't know how he does it!).

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