Tomorrow will be day 10, and I think a should give a small status report.

The Main Page

The Sandbox on the main page, added on day 2 with colaboration from Krayfish, has proved very useful. It needs a few modifications to bring it up to date. We also have the RandoGenerator templates, which I managed to bring online by day 4, which will need regular maintenance.

The Index Pages

Scene as posting a link to the category pages just mucks everything up on the main page. I added a link to an index page the five main category pages using the Story:Index page for inspiration. This was done by day 8. Once this was done, I also added in the "Make Timeline" option to that page. We can still use the Create A Page button on the bottom of Main Page, but we should update it just-in-case.


So far two stories have been created: The Schoolgirl Martyr, written by Wiki and The Xanj Project, written by Wiki myself & Majora. Hopefully as more empires crawl out of the woodwork, more stories will be written.

Overall the wiki has 7 admins and 389 pages.

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