Just recently, the new VisualEditor has been brought online on the entire Wikia network, forcing it upon all wikis on Wikia. Apparently there is no way to disable it from our end. However, before we all just surrender and accept it, I'd like this small little community of ours to come to a consensus. Personally for me the VisualEditor has been nothing but a hindrance. On other wikis I have worked on, it has broken pages and tables, and done all sorts of wacky things, despite it being advertised by Staff as a way of making editing easier.

However, that's just my personal opinion. What do all of you think?

If we decide that VisualEditor isn't going to help us, I will attempt to contact Wikia in an effort to disable the VisualEditor on IH. If the majority believe that VisualEditor will help us, then we will do nothing.

Be quick to express your opinions. For all we know, Wikia could be thinking of making it mandatory for all wikis to have VisualEditor unless we speak up now.

The clock is ticking.

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