Hello, everyone! I have some extremely exciting news to tell you all!

According to the WAM (Wikia's ranking system) we are in the Top 5000 of all wikis in the Wikia community (as of 24th July 2013)! Galactic Crucibles is also in the list: they are far above us in ranking.

Anyway, our current ranking is: 4974

With Hihipuffyamiyumi Wiki just above us and Basilica Wiki just below us.

I would like to see this wiki's rating soar, so invite any interested friends to join our community! Make IH grow! Put in as much content as you can! Let's make Infinite Histories one of the greatest, yet humblest communities in Wikia!

WikiBuilder1147 signing off!

Sad update

Hello As of 30 July 2013, we are no longer on the top 5000 list. :(

Happy update!

We're back on the list! Our current rank is 4974. Hopefully we don't slip of again in the coming days :/


Becuase the standard comments input is unavailable, please type any comments here and sign with 4 (~)s.

As of August 5th, I can't find us anywhere on the ranking but lets not hey our spirits dashed. Pschycron, the Master of Nonsence 05:38, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

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