General information
Population 4,528,871
Status Thriving
Role Capital of Germania
Local legislature Proconsular Council of the City of Vienna
Proconsul of Germania Julius Lenorius

Vienna, known to the local Goths as Wien, is the largest city in the Germania and also serves as the residence city of the Germanian Proconsul.



The 23 districts of Vienna

Vienna is divided into 23 suburbia (suburbs), which are each managed by elegentiae, representatives of the Proconsul. The suburbia are:

  1. Vienna Interius
  2. Leopoldstadt
  3. Route de Campagne
  4. Wieden
  5. Margaritae
  6. Mariahilf
  7. Novumae
  8. Vici Josephae
  9. Alsergrund
  10. Amatissimis
  11. Bullientibus
  12. Meidling
  13. Hietziae
  14. Penzing
  15. Rudolf-Fuenfhaus
  16. Ottakring
  17. Caesarisburg
  18. Waehring
  19. Doeblingium
  20. Brigittenium
  21. Floridsanae
  22. Danubium urbe
  23. Liesinburg


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