Senatorial Republic of West Bantu
Flag of West Bantu



Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome


3 years



Foreign relations

Hostile Relations with Bantu



Senatorial Republic







Roman Sesterius

The Senatorial Republic of Western Bantu is a sovereign nation in Romanum 01, located on Sao Tome, Principe, and offshore Equatorial Guinea. West Bantu was founded as a result of Bantu spending tax money on the Nexus Crisis, and on a political divide on Roman support and Greek support.

While West Bantu was outnumbered and only armed by covertly shipped New Greek weaponry to defeat the Bantu Military, Bantu had deconstructed and sold almost all of it's navy to pay for ground forces (whos' weapons had been sold to pay for the Roman military) to combat the United Africa Militia, and as such, were unable to so much as land on the islands to retake them.

While West Bantu is still not recognized by Bantu itself or the Quadruple Alliance, it is recognized by many other countries, including the Greco-Indian-Inuit Alliance, as a sovereign nation.

The islands were all owned by Greece from the second Greco-Roman war until the Nexus Crisis, at which point it was bought by Bantu, and as such, was inhabited by many people who supported Greece, and were outraged when Bantu assited Rome in the war against Greece.

West Bantu is a Senatorial Republic, and has a senator from each polis (in this case each city is a polis) to vote on decisions.

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